How to FundToken

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This is a great way to earn huge passive crypto by keeping your crypto asset in FundToken wallet.

FundToken is a Crypto wallet like coinbase or blockchaininfo but you can earn 10% interest per month (0.33% per day) just by  keeping Crypto in their wallet. Just follow the following steps to earn huge passive Crypto.

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Step 2: Now you need to transfer your Crypto (BTC, BTH, ETH, DOGE, EOS etc)  in this wallet. Be sure about the minimum deposit amount. Most importantly follow the 3rd steps.

Step 3: Now go to FundBox by clicking "My" (profile symbol) icon and enter FundBox option.


Now transfer at least 100$ equivalent cryto from your FundToken wallet to FundBox for eligible of getting interest. 

** You can withdraw your FundBox Coin anytime but if you want to withdraw within 30 days of transfer you have to give 5% charge and after 30 days charge is only 1%

Additional Steps:
You will get interest in FTcoin everyday and can exchange or sell instantly by going Trade Tab.

Daily Interest:

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Fees: 0.005 ETH